Noot D'Noot

Noot D'Noot

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Noot d’ Noot are on a mission with absolutely no luggage. Their sound is as diverse as the list of artists they’ve worked with, be it studio collaborations with Dungeon Family’s Sleepy Brown, synthesizer flourishes lent to Mastodon’s “Crack The Skye” LP, or touring with Of Montreal. Early 2007, the original duo of Mathis Hunter and Dream Sanitation released the “Goofer Dust Mixtape,” collaborating with some of Atlanta’s finest players and studio rats while managing to blend everythang from abstract and southern hip-hop, psyche and shoe-gaze, afro-beat, rare-groove, latin jazz, and pretty much anything else imaginable into a seamless sound that could only have only been created in the present day cultural melting pot of Atlanta, Georgia. 
Over the next few years, folks watched as the collective became a band; and quite possibly The South’s finest party band (Creative Loafing’s 2010 Best Band To Rock The Casbah is a testament to this notion). A series of bad record deals slowed the band only slightly, and they’ve managed to keep their heads above water releasing their own LP’s like 2009’s “Cash For Gold” and 2010’s “From Ever Since,” the latter of which houses a majority of the material that makes up the Noot d’ Noot live experience.


Dream Sanitation- Melody
Mathis Hunter- Rhythm
Dr. Kinje- Winds
Crab Louie- String and Skin Vibrations
Jah Scorpion- Egyptian Musk
Electro Siren- Griot
Dookie Platters- Veggie Meatballs
B. Cruzan Dondaro- ¡Tu Sabes!
Circuit Diva- Spirit Animal
Kid Pyramid - Golden Scarab